Wisdom Wild | Moon Dark-New in Cancer + Solstice + Eclipse


Moon Dark-New in Cancer + Solstice + Eclipse

20 Jun 2020, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Dark-New (exact @ 2341 PDT) in Cancer +Solstice & Eclipse too


… feel, remember, transform, rebirth… 


A time of shiftings and pause; rememberings and re-imaginings (new Moon + Sun new in Cancer + Solstice & eclipse). Sensitivity, empathy and creativity are heightened. As the new Moon and Sun cycles begin, we are called to attend to what is close to home in physical space and within. Time to feel into Cancer’s oasis of warmth, comfort, compassion, and nourishing self care. Time to flow with what is and what comes (5 planets in Water signs), and to deepen connections to heart wisdom and the divine feminine (8/11 planets in fem signs).


The new Moon plus Sun new in Cancer, as well as an eclipse and Solstice too, makes this is a rare and potent time. It’s a turning point, a seed moment with lots of evolutionary themes. There’s a lot of power and energy, amplified and intensified by the very confluence of events. We are invited to tune to the force of creation; the origin or origins (Cancer: Great Mother archetype); and to Spirit’s longings (Solstice & eclipse). It’s a time to revisit, review, and reflect (5 planets retrograde); a time to unify heart and mind; and to harmonise dualities. Responsibility and freedom are key themes (Saturn effect) and we are asked to set clear boundaries; and to devise creative solutions to issues we are seeing rise.


This is a time that heralds change, new pattern-setting, and new beginnings. It is a time of transformation and rebirth (Eclipse & Solstice). Now is the time to release all that compromises ease and peace. Time to connect with source and flow into grace-filled space. Time to deeply feel and flow into the completeness of home within. Time to choose seeds for all that warms heart and Spirit. Time to plant a new vision and birth a new story for each and All.


Come home to the wholeness of your inner heart
the radiant you and your Spirit-honed arts


Flow with the Waters and ground in the Earth
Now is the new dawning time of rebirth


Time to choose what you will next seed
and new ways to nurture and feed


Align with all you appreciate
Plant the vision you wish to create


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you feel deeply, flow with ease, transform, and
de-Light-full-y create new worlds this Moon








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