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Moon Dark-New in Aries

15 Apr 2018, by Fiona in moon&sky

180415_COMP1-merge-CROP_x385Welcome Moon Dark-New (exact @1857 PDT) in Aries


… rebirth, action, transformation


This past cycle has been challenging (Merc-R square Mars & Saturn) and, for many, the desire for energetic shift, change, and freedom is high. NOW is the time!


Welcome new Moon, bringer of regeneration, renewal and rebirth. And this Moon is especially charged (1st new Moon of the astrol year + other connections). She triggers a number of favorable transits (esp Venus alignments) and carries the elements of wildness and surprise (Moon conjunct Uranus). It is time for positive change and new beginnings.


Aries energy (4 planets now in Aries) lights the Fire for change and reawakens and empowers our inner warrior/champion. Whatever hampered, was weak or flawed or untrue, is now burned away. New perspectives are eager to be born (Merc > direct) and translated into action, not just during this lunar cycle but in the times to come (slow moving planets are shifting soon: Chiron in 2 days; Uranus in a month). It is time of fresh starts, rising energy, and action.


Passion, desire, courage and will are strengthened (Sun & Moon square Pluto) and a yearned-for transformation cannot be denied. There is support to provide focus, discipline and persistence to harness Arian Fire (Mars in Cap) and enhance flexibility (Uranus in Aries). And during this new Moon, Venus enhances pleasure (Venus opp Jupiter) love, passion, sensuality (Venus trine Mars & Pluto), inspiration and spirituality (Venus Neptune). Create space to invite Light and Spirit to flood in. Re-imagine how you wish to live and Be.


Now is the time to plant seeds that hold the truth, wisdom and passion of your inner Being. Seeds of rebirth and renewal and transformation for ourselves and for All. And, given Chiron and Uranus are shifting soon, lets also plant seeds to surprise and delight! ;)


At Moon dark-new be still, breathe, and pause
see newly what to create and cause


With heart and soul walk hand in hand
Survey all that is in the lands


Down in the spiraling deep
Connect with all within your keep


Change and shift is come
Make your wish for the long run


With courage and faith reach into the Fire
Create all you wish to have transpire


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you renewed energy, sweet transformation,
and wondrous seeding this Moon











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