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Moon Dark-New in Aquarius

11 Feb 2021, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Dark-new (exact 210211 @1106 PST) in Aquarius


… strength, objectivity,visionary planning…


This powerful Moon of beginnings is heightened by the start of Lunar New Year (aka Chinese New Year ;)). Joining five other planets in Aquarius (+Pallas Athene), change and mental realms are activated; and new beginnings means new adventures. Time to clear the ways of anything that impedes our fully Being. Time to open to new possibilities and new ways of knowing. Time for visioning and setting intentions for the all that we wish to actualize.


With the abundance of Aquarius energy, we are called to bypass the usual and explore the unknown. It’s a time of truth, movement, reform, out-of-the-box thinking, new solutions, innovation, freedom, humanitarianism, connection to higher consciousness and awakening. Overall, it’s about shaking things up and breaking away from old constraints. It’s as if the skies are shouting for change, freedom and a new future now!


But hold up a minute. In the midst of change and transformation, there are challenges to address as we work through what is to be variously retained, renewed, adjusted, reformed, replaced, innovated, transformed or tossed away. Challenges that arise out of the tension between old-new, known-unknown, and different desires for control/freedom (Aqua/Taurus and Saturn-Uranus’s face-off effect throughout year). Further, as is often the case when there’s change, fear, confusion and doubt may rise (Merc-R is stirring things up) and things may move more slowly than we might like (Mars in Taurus). We are in the midst of the most intense period of the push-pull effect. Right choices may be elusive right now. We are called to review, rethink, plan and go slow.


And, yes, there’s lots dancing in the skies right now (e.g., Aquarius planets in quintuple & quadruple squares with Uranus & Mars) and all of it is fueled by Aquarian drives for freedom, liberation, cooperation, innovation, break-throughs and break frees. Yes, we can expect some ongoing rock and roll shake-ups; and would be well-advised to expect the unexpected. But Aquarius also connects us to ‘higher’ mind/Source, helping us to watch our thoughts, and to keep focus on the ideals we seek to bring into being. There’s also an inflow of energy that infuses us with love and caring (Venus w/ Merc & Mars effect); enhances creative gifts and loving communications (Merc con Venus); expands our sense of happiness, favouring anything having to do with abundance, beauty, pleasure and flow (Venus con Mars); and helps us to root in our hearts and open to wonderment, joy and awe (Venus-Jupiter).


It is time to feel into an infusion of optimism; to appreciate all the good things of Life; and to trust in the natural nurture that flows to us when we are open and at peace. Time to focus on our hopes, wishes, dreams and passions. Time to engage with our hearts, tune to Spirit/Source, and feel and feed our Soul beings. Time to use our intentions as a lightning rod to draw all that we dream and imagine into form.


At Moon dark-new the powers that be
ask us to vision big and break free


Be guided by your heart’s navigation
with Spirit as your grace-filled foundation


Time to dance and seed anew
a radiant you, free and true


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you empowered mindfulness,
sparkling clarity, brilliant ideas,&
a magnified radiance of Being this Moon















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