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Moon Dark-New in Aquarius

04 Feb 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Moon Dark-New (exact @1304 PST) in Aquarius + cross-quarter & new year too


… Activating vision, creativity, confidence & passion


Occurring just hours after the midpoint between Solstice and Equinox, and just hours before new Earth-Boar year, this is a powerful and potent Moon for optimism and new beginnings. Change, movement, and mental realms are activated (xqtr+mid Aqua-Air phase); we are urged to move forward (all planets direct); and creative energy most definitely wants to be freed and expressed (Moon, Venus in Cap & Earth Boar year). It’s time to clear and re-calibrate. Time for visioning, setting intentions, and planning for new ideas and forms to come into being.


Sun, Moon and Mercury all in Aquarius provide energy for visionary thinking, new ideas, and the expression of our individuality. Mental activity and clarity is strengthened; and brilliant ideas are magnified (Sun/Moon conjunct Merc all in Aqua). We are encouraged to think big-picture; and are infused with vibrancy, confidence, and supportive, protective, prosperous, positive energy (Jupiter in Sag influence with Sun, Moon, Merc).


The whole week seems empowered by transformational energy. Yes, we may be navigating the new and the unexpected. We are supported in undertaking whatever requires courage and intellect (Merc-Mars later this week); and are reminded that infinite possibilities exist just outside our usual comfort zone. We are invited to support ourselves by clearing what restricts our personal power; speaking truth; and embodying our wisdom (Black Moon Lilith).


We are called to open to the many blessings pouring forth through this cross-quarter-Moon-Earth Boar portal. By our choice, will and action, we are invited to rebirth and renew our partnership with Earth-Cosmos. It is a time for self-nurture. A time to align with heart and Spirit. A time to focus on and enliven our hopes, wishes, dreams and passions. Time to anchor our intentions and plant seeds of beauty, wonder, wisdom and new possibility.


At Moon dark-new the powers that be
ask us to vision big and break free


Take a breath and remain objective
Align with an Earth-Cosmos perspective


It is time for new change and shifts
Time to rebirth your sacred gifts


Time to dance and seed anew
the radiant you, free and true


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you the grace of deep release,
the blessings of transformational renewal, &
the wonders of new possibilities this Moon












IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main ImageAquaWoman: cut & modified portion of image found on Fine Art America by Pamela Wells |  Urn (fountain): Cut & modified photo by unknown | Boar: cut  & modified photo by Andy Rouse on fotoBuzz | Waters: constructed/re-constructed, altered & modified image found in East County magazine

  • Thank you so much; this energy has been so powerful ; yet needed . I have set my intentions at the beginning of The new year equinox. Now I am focussing on my dream . I planted my seeds . They are deep ; now peaking out . I resonate with realesing all . Each painful tear is making me stronger; to come into my own blossoming. I look forward to all your insights .