Wisdom Wild | Dancing with Sue


Dancing with Sue

25 Sep 2014, by Fiona in reflections

These recent days, I greet each morning eyes filled with the red thread words and images, and with tears.

Yes, life is a series of letting go, letting go, letting go, and though I may at times be better at it, it’s still a work of ache and release and ache and release and calls for healing.

The art I express these days is dance for it is my base and all that I can move to expression in this kind of journey. Breath. Movement. Form. Shifting. Fluid.


I dance with Sue …




Ah if I could dance with you Sue in the lands of grasses and old rusted beauty marks, silver wood still carrying the sun, holding you close and setting you free as we gaze out at the long view, blue sky and clouds, delighting in life’s ecstasy. Then skipping hand in hand giggling and slowing to a stillness-held prayer walk together, alone, together.

Your eyes gaze out at me and in them every possibility, all that was and all that will be, shines out an awakened infinity.


Seeking you through the veils, dancing with the stars.


Knowing you always
Nurture your Nature
Much Love & Light