Wisdom Wild | Cross Quarter and New Earth-Boar Year


Cross Quarter and New Earth-Boar Year

04 Feb 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

This Cross Quarter (exact last eve, Feb 3, @ 1901pst) marks the midpoint between Solstice and Equinox; it heralds a shift in season and change that is coming soon. Since most things in the natural world reach the peak of their strength in the middle of their lives, this time is considered to have great power. Fire is at the heart and center of this quarter mark. (Good thing ’cause it snowed here on the cross quarter! Surprise! Yes, the primulas & I are chilly ;))


Here in the North it is the occasion of Imbolc (and it snowed here today! Surprise! The primulas & I are chilly ;)) Imbolc is akin to the new Moon and carries the impulse of new beginnings and renewal. We are called to seek the Fire in our hearts and in our bellies; and to nourish Spirit and the eternal flame within.


In the South it is the Lugnasadh/Lammas. It is time to celebrate the bounty of Earth and the fruit of our labours. Lugnasadh reminds us of the human-divine partnership and calls us to celebrate the skills and resources we have, and the abundance of the gifts of Earth and Spirit. Whatever change the cross-quarter brings, it is a time to honor Earth, Spirit, ourselves, and our wishes, hopes and dreams.


Together, Moon dark-new, the cross-quarter, and new Earth-Boar year occurring so close together provides a potent gateway for shift and change. It’s been 60 years since the last Earth-Boar year and we can look forward to a year of good fortune, prosperity, practical, grounded ease, harmony, peace, happiness, contentment, and success in creative endeavors. Earth-Boar is all about enjoying and celebrating life. With all that is supportive in the skies, it is indeed time to claim your most heart-felt, Spirit-guided passions and visions, and put them into form.


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light


May you be blessed by shift and change and all the wonders that Be