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Creature Teacher: Hummingbird

02 Sep 2014, by Fiona in creatures

cala_Hummingbird_mirrorCreature Teacher: Hummingbird


Here it is the season where migration begins. Already small flights of geese are honking their goodbyes. The hummingbirds too fly to greet warmer climes and southern spring, but many of the Anna hummingbirds, the northern most hummingbird, will stay. Ah the Joy of hum and radiant color! Ah sweet nectar!


It is the season and the month to delight in the hum and new colors. Colors of fall in the north; colors of spring in the south. The hum of activity of harvest in the north; of tilling and planting in the south. Color and hum as the land changes. A half lit moon and soon, half way between solstices.


What colors of you will you radiate under the waxing moon? What are you humming into being?
Wonder… And as always,


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