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Creature Teacher: Enki

11 Apr 2015, by Fiona in creatures

150411 capricorn13_x200Creature Teacher: SeaGoat – Enki
Today the Creature Teacher that calls to speak is a mythical one with the head and upper body of a goat and lower body and tail of a fish. Over 4000 years old, this symbol represented Enki, the Sumerian god of waters, at time when it was said there was no fear. When there was crisis, Enki came to provide skills and teaching of many things; he represented balance and responsibility.


The fish represents passion, spirituality, intuition and deep soul connection. The goat represents intelligence, curiousity, ambition, steadiness and the ability to thrive in difficult environments. The Medicine carried by the SeaGoat is concerned with integrating our deep, Spirit essence into the manifest Earth work. To aspire and express in mind, body, spirit, aligned and integrated.


Take this Moon waning time to sit in the place where your gladness and Earth meet.


[Image: Artist unknown. If you know the artist please be in touch!]

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