Wisdom Wild | Blue Moon in Aquarius


Blue Moon in Aquarius

30 Jul 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

150729_COMP1-mergeCROP_x385Welcome the Full Blue Moon!
(blue ‘cause it’s the 2nd full moon this month)


Ahhh, a full ‘blue’ moon
(exact Fri, July 31 at 0343 pdt)

in Aquarius.


I know that for many, recent times have been challenging (and sometimes frustrating or confusing) and often intense. Yes, given some of the planetary dances, it can be a bit of a whirl at times. Embrace the dance! Really! Get up and dance!


Dance with the intentions you hold for yourself and beyond
Expanding into greater fullness even more than you’ve dreamed

Let Aquarius wind blow away all that’s no longer required,
Let drift away without effort all old chains and old ways

Invite in the fullness of freedom and calm
of love and beauty and delightful wondering

Cast your eyes to the sky and
drink in the light of Moon full and
all of the blessings of your Being
here and now in this moment.

Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light


Wishing you bright clarity, the fullness of heart-centered presence,
and the wondrous Blessings song and Dance !