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30 Jan 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

Horse_Wood_cropx385Greetings of the New, New and New!

The key theme for these next days is Beginnings!

It is Chinese New Year (today @ 2320 pst), beginning the year of the Wood Horse, and a time to celebrate the coming spring (here in the Northern Hemisphere).

It is also the time, commonly and variously between Jan31-Feb2, when other festivals – Festival of the Goddess Brighid (or Saint Brighid Feast Day), Imbolc, Candlemas – also occur to celebrate new beginnings and the onset of spring.

On Monday, February 3, @1355pst, we are at the point halfway between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Yippee! This is the time that is ‘Imbolc’ for me. It is the moment of Quickening as life reappears from the deep dreamtime. Another ‘beginning’ in the turn of the wheel.

The sun strengthens and more energy flows. Renewal, regeneration, change. Aquarius reminds us to take the long view and to seek out ways to clear away or re-form and transform the old and outdated. Oh there are some planetary relations that may give rise to flutters of anxiety, some past flooding in or distracting, but these are like the last leaves to be blown by the wind. Let them go.

Horse calls us to freedom. Hear the call. Imagine being like Horse wild and free. Give your heart and soul free rein and let your spirit find it’s own rhythms.

Today it is New Moon Dark (@ 1339 pst). Time to sink into that moment between moon and moon; between full dark and first light. Honor with gratitude the moon that is passing and let go of the rest. Surrender into peace and grace. Open to receive.

Tomorrow the moon moves into Pisces joining three other planets (Mercury, Neptune, Chiron); we can receive much more. Pisces also supports surrender, so let go and be Free.

As the Moon waxes, begin to imagine and align what you want to call into being for yourself and for the greatest good for all. Reflect on the themes of renewal, transformation, receiving, new flow, freedom of this time. Welcome spirit as your fuel for this new year. And as always,

Nurture your nature,

Wan Shi Ruyi! May all your wishes be fulfilled!

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