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Aquarius Dark Moon Lights

20 Jan 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

150120_Comp_x385wGreetings of the New Super Moon in Aquarius (exact at 0514pst)…  And a whole lot else!


Wow, there’s a whole lot goin’ on and I’m not sure where to start. The energies these past few days have been rather weird…. or maybe that should be wyrd. Have you noticed? From what I’ve been hearing from folk, and experiencing myself, I expect you have. Ramdha Cat has been meowling long and loud for three days; that itself signaled something was up. So what is it?


Let’s start with the intensification of Aquarius energy. Venus and Mercury (remember they entered Aquarius the day before and on the full Moon respectively) have been joined by both Sun and dark Moon in Aquarius today. Key themes: New beginnings! New perspectives, new insights and new ways of being. Yup, change is in the air.


This Moon is the fourth consecutive moon (of five) at 00 degrees; in Aquarius new beginnings are emphasized. This is also a Super Moon so the effects and impacts of change are strengthened. The tides are high and the upsurge of this water energy pulls on our emotions. Breathe in the fresh, release the old, plant yourself firmly on the ground.


Mercury is moving to stand still and retrograde tomorrow. That backwards dance in combination with the Super Moon can have things feeling a bit ‘zapped.’ Case on point: Today both the office light standard and the heater sparked and stopped (not at the same time); email went down and was inaccessible for several hours; the internet moved in fitz and starts as it has been increasingly these last couple of days. Uh huh. Okay. Shift, shift, shift.


In case you have been experiencing some other kinds of pulls and stumblings, here are a couple of other things to keep in mind during this time.


Mars is conjunct Neptune (since Jan 12, peeked Jan 19 and continues until Jan 29). Mars wants action, Neptune wants to dream. It’s a fire and water thing ;). Make a cup of tea and focus on their collaboration.
Saturn squares this conjunction so it can feel a bit like driving with the brakes on. Ease up on both the accelerator and the brake (inside and out) and let the dream drift into action


Mars moved into Pisces ~ a week ago. Yes, another fire and water engagement. Push- pull, start- stop, flow-stall, hot- cold, and some variable production effects until things are brought in tune. Let it go and trust a new song is birthing it’s way into being.


That returns us to new beginnings and change . Let’s not forget the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto configuration. Right now Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) is strongly highlighted (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus all in Aqua)
This is all about awakening, enlightenment, revolution, evolution, future and change.


Uranus is also into a position (conjunct South Node) we haven’t experienced in >150 years. It is a configuration that empowers healing of all that we have brought forward from the ancient past. It heralds a time of releasing and moving forward into a future the Heart truth of you has dreamed.


It is time to surrender and receive the blessings of Moon Dark. Time to step back with Mercury and view big pictures.  Time to attend to the cosmic seeds you want to nourish as the light of the Moon gains.  Attend to what you wish to bring into being for the greatest good for you, others and Earth.


Breathe, release, pause, shift. Repeat. Again.


Heed the call, the whispers, the signs. Connect deeply, frequently, with Heart of you, your Truth, your Wisdom, your knowing inner Muse. Yes please Dear Ones,


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light,