Wisdom Wild | 1st Q Aries Moon


1st Q Aries Moon

29 Dec 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

141229_comp2x385Callings of the 1st Quarter Moon in Aries.


The quarter moon was yesterday (1031 pst). Local power/energy challenge & related tech issues delayed my preparation and sending to you until today but the half lit Moon is calling still. Listen to the whisperings.


The Sun just recently entered Capricorn. The Moon hung half lit, light and dark in equal measure, is in Aries.
Both are cardinal signs so the energy present supports ground breaking and new directions. Earthy Capricorn is practical, careful and methodical; firey Aries is bold, and chomping to run. Together they focus our attention on both having solid foundation, and engaging passion. Balance under the half-lit moon.


This Moon will grow into the first full Moon of the calendar year, and the first Moon of the solar year in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a time for re-examining foundations and deepening commitment. As it comes just days from deep dark and for many much time in kinship with other, consider what foundations and commitments you wish to claim.


It is time for gathering oneself. A time to check-in and regroup. Listen to the gentle whisperings at this time of season. Honor and re-affirm all your relations – human, plant, creature, earth, sky, waters, flame. Imagine that which you want to manifest this cycle, this season, this year.


Open to the Mystery and the wonder, and cast your seeds of invitation. And, as always


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light