Wisdom Wild | Half Lit Waxing Moon


Half Lit Waxing Moon

02 Sep 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

She sat in the dark of the moon and surrendered to the void. Releasing, resting, in the deep wisdom she opened to receive.
As the first sliver of moonlight appeared she gathered and prepared for regeneration and re-emergence.

Now under the half lit moon (exact at 0411pdt)  she empowers her plans and anchors her commitment.  As the moon waxes she will further hone and align the path she has chosen this cycle.


What is it you wish to empower now? What commitment do you wish to deepen?


The half lit Moon calls our attention once again to balance. It is time to pause and reflect on where we are in this moment of the cycle. Yesterday Moon entered Sagittarius; tomorrow she moves into Capricorn. Perhaps you would like to reflect on this too. Fire (Sag), passion, lights up the dark. Earth (Cap) provides ground and foundation.


What are you lighting up this cycle? What is the ground beneath your feet and how are you nourishing your foundations?


Draw on the harmonious trine of Moon, Jupiter and Uranus for new ideas and inspiration. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, speeds healing and positive resolutions, and expands new horizons and opportunities. Uranus, unconscious birthing into consciousness for a better future. Moon, emotional energy, reminding us of the deep caring we need and deserve, and of the eternal, limitless love and wisdom to be manifested.


Time now for the seeds and jewels and sparkles you have chosen to be expressed!


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light