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Waxing Moon Half-lit in Taurus

01 Feb 2020, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Waxing Moon Half-Lit (exact@ 1742 PST) in Taurus


… grounding strength, stability, security & self-care…


The energy now is somewhat calmer than it has been and we have some space to gather ourselves and regroup. Earthy energy offers us deep grounding and stability; and invites us to feel in to our sacred roots (5 planets in Earth signs). It is a time for deep inner sense-ing, and for material action.


Momentum is gathering under the waxing Moon and soon there will be another transitioning time (cross quarter on Sunday). Aquarius Sun wants things to be new, free and different; and is itching for change. At Moon half-lit we are called to pause and re-examine what we want to create and cause. It’s time to look again at our wants, practices, and actions; attend to what may still need to be cleared away; and to clarify and firm-up plans.


Taurus Moon brings strength, steadiness and calm to the endeavour (additional support from Moon-Jup & Moon-Neptune Sunday). She reminds us of the importance of stillness, rest, and nourishing self-care. She calls us to seek peace, serenity, beauty and comfort in the senses and in simple pleasures. Together with Aquarius Sun, we are called to strengthen our ways of Being, and to take practical steps towards living our ideals.


It is time to deeply connect with the richness of Earth. Time to tune to the senses and sense-you-all. Time for more deep breaths, pause and stillness. Time to commune with Spirit and to honour the bonds that connect us all. Time to clear the way for new ideals to rise into form.


Under Moon half-lit it’s time to pause and
review what you wish to create and cause


Send roots down deep for all that is just
and to Earth offer your most sacred trust


Gather to you strength, peace, beauty and calm
Rise with Spirit and with new ideals bond


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May strength, ease, and deep ground
be resonant in all that you bring into form this Moon










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