Wisdom Wild | Waxing Moon Half-lit in Pisces + Sun in Sag


Waxing Moon Half-lit in Pisces + Sun in Sag

21 Nov 2020, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greeting Waxing Moon Half-lit (exact @2045 PST) in Pisces


… compassion, imagination, vision… 


As Moon waxes, energy begins to rise and we may feel a pull to action (esp w/ Mars & Merc both now direct) but the time is not quite yet. Moon now half-lit invites us to pause and enter into the spaciousness ‘between’. Time to breathe and come more fully into the moment. Time to observe from a neutral place and clear the ways for visions to come into form.


Moon in dreamy Pisces brings us into the magical and the mystical realms. Hir energy brings increased imagination, compassion and intuition; and strengthens access to inner knowing. Sun now in Sagittarius (earlier today) brings optimism and enthusiasm; calls us into the beyond; fuels visions of the future; and reminds us to have a deep faith in Life, and to face any challenges with humour and positivity. While Sag Sun wants to launch into the world without constraint, Pisces Moon wants us to pause, rest and reflect. One calls us to the outer world; the other calls us within. Although Sag and Pisces may wrestle a bit, together they help bring deep visions into form.


We are supported by an abundance of feminine energies that call us to both root and flow (8 planets if fem signs, 4 in Water, 4 in Earth). Earthy energy helps us with grounding; Water energy helps us tune to our feelings and reminds us of the ways we are connected; and the rise in Fire energy provides us with movement, warmth and Light. A portal that opened yesterday brings in energies of peace, balance and harmony (numerology of 2020.11.20) and a greater sensing of Source/Divine. We can expect deepened levels of understanding, increased emotional depth and sharpened clarity in the coming days (Venus-Scorpio today).


It’s time for presence. Time to feel into spacious pause. Time to transmute or clear whatever inhibits our fully feeling and truly Being. Time to recalibrate. Time to explore all that inspires. Time to express truth and honour dreams. Time for floating in our inner oceans, and time for leaping to the stars above.


As above, so below
Fire and Water dance to grow


In the dark and in the Light
seek now to make all things bright


Dance your dreams from sea to stars
Time to enrich all you are


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May your magick spark, &
your truth, dreams and radiant wisdom
flow into form this Moon


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Main Image: Fishes: cut and modified image of a glass bowl by liuliusa | Madonna lilies: cut & modified image found at gardenia net