Wisdom Wild | Waxing Moon Half-lit in Libra


Waxing Moon Half-lit in Libra

09 Jul 2019, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greetings of Waxing Moon Half-lit (exact 190709 @ 0335 PDT) in Libra


trust, balance, harmony


We are midway between eclipses and, at Moon half-lit, we are in the moment ‘between’ dark and light. It is a time to pause and find balance and harmony within.


In Libra self-awareness increases; our empathic abilities are amplified; and we become highly sensitized to the qualities of beauty, harmony and balance. Sun and Moon together ask us to remember who we are at the core. We are called to open to possibility and trust that love and positive bounty will flow to us and fulfil our core needs and more.


The journey will require centeredness, heart-connection, and balance. At the midpoint between eclipses and under a waxing half-lit Moon, we may find ourselves feeling more sensitive, moody, twitchy or lethargic. There are also some challenging configurations that may heighten the sense that we are dealing with polarized choices (Sun/Moon Saturn). We are invited to pause and conduct a well-considered reality check. Is it a question of either/or? Or can we embrace both/and? This is a time to delve into the truth of our emotions; deepen our heart wisdom; and further open ourselves to choosing what leads us to living a more creative and expressive life (Merc-R in Leo).


Fortunately we are supported in many ways. Overall, what challenges us is our ‘push’ to find a way forward and to look for whatever remains to be cleared to make way for the new. In the next couple of days we are helped to tune to compassion, empathy and Spirit (Sun-Nep trine Wed); enabled to take wise and confident action (Mars-Chiron trine Thurs); and provided with deep healing energy (Grand Water trine: ScorpioMoon-CancerSun-PiscesNeptune).


This is a time to know ourselves more deeply. A time to nurture our hearts and hone our sense of purpose. Time to make adjustments to ideas and plans, and to remain flexible and creative as momentum builds to Moon Full. Time to treasure and express beauty, harmony, bounty and balance, and move towards our dreams.


In the moment between dark and light
pause to invite and deepen insight


Breathe in the scent of Rose
and the truth that she knows


Draw in the magicks of Crow
and all the gifts she bestows


Time to treasure the beauty in all that you see
Time to strengthen heart wisdom and all that you Be


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May centeredness, heart-truth, focus, balance, and harmony
ground the steps to your dreams this Moon









IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Rose: cut from wallpaper mania | * Crows from my painting “Love Crows” 16×20 acrylic on canvas