Wisdom Wild | Waxing Moon Half-Lit in Leo


Waxing Moon Half-Lit in Leo

22 Apr 2018, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greetings of Waxing Moon Half-Lit (exact @1446 PDT) in Leo


… cosmic fire, soul-deep blessings


This feels to be a very positively powerful time. Various Earth-Sky aspects indicate that soul-deep awakening and healing – personal and global – is underway. Already there is a sense of forward movement and progress (waxing Moon & recent Mercury direct) as energy gathers for fullness. We are invited to open our hearts, tune to cosmic alchemy, and fuel discipline, diligence and patience.


Taurus Sun calls us to be soothed by our senses; to open our hearts and souls to sensuality, serenity, and, most especially, Beauty. Taurus also empowers stability, discipline, diligence and patience. Together, Taurus Sun and courageous, big-hearted Leo Moon are partners in creating abundance. Prepare to allow in a bounty of blessings.


Yes, we may have to back-track a bit (Saturn-retrograde) but Moon half-lit is a good time to pause and reflect. Take stock, review plans, and ensure things are in right order. A new route or re-resourcing may be needed to move further forward on the ‘right’ path. In any case, it makes sense to move at a slower pace over the next few months (Pluto retrograde this a.m.). There are increased opportunities for personal growth, enhanced performance and transformation (Pluto-R + Pluto and Jupiter in fortunate relation throughout the year). The potential changes are evolutionary and soul-deep. It is wise to take the time to be fully present to the possibilities.


A particularly significant recent shift is Chiron’s move into Aries. At the global level, Chiron is now focussed on healing masculine energy; for the individual, on increasing self-confidence and positive expressions of assertiveness. Chiron is a healer at the soul level. In Aries Chiron brings a cosmic healing Fire (especially targeting old, unhealed core wounds). The healing tool-kit expands and healing on all levels accelerates. The primary keys are Fire, Light, Sunshine and self-healing. Yes, sit by the fire, light candles, work with all colors of light, bathe in sunshine, and turn to self more than others for healing.


Open to changes deep within the soul (Pluto-R) and healing at the soul level (Chiron in Aries). Soothe the soul with your senses, and use the body as an alchemical instrument (Taurus Sun). Welcome in the Light this waxing Moon.


Waxing Moon half-lit and the skies are alive
with blessings that open us to further thrive


Within the richness of the Earth-material
and the gifts of the Cosmic ethereal
open to the possibility of miracles


Blessings and bounty surge to arise
Transformed deep in the Soul, Spirit flies


Fueled by Earth, Fire, Light and Sunshine
step into the design divine


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you a bounty of Earthy and Cosmic blessings this Moon









IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Sekhmet: Cut & modified from image by H. Bruton on paganspace | Lion: cut from composite Wallpaper