Wisdom Wild | Waxing Moon half lit in Taurus


Waxing Moon half lit in Taurus

24 Jan 2018, by Fiona in moon&sky

180124_COMP1-merge-CROP_x385Waxing Moon Half Lit  (exact @1420 PST) in Taurus.


– ground strength, ease & simplicity


Earthy energy offers us deep grounding and stability (5 planets in Earth signs) and the Waters help keep us in flow (4 planets in Water signs).


Taurus Moon guides us in becoming our own anchor: strong, steady, soothing and calm. Sun in Aquarius provides a breath of fresh air but there is also some tension between the need and desire for comfort and stability (Moon in Taurus); and the urge for movement and change (Sun in Aquarius). Gives me a bit of a giggle since Taurus and Aquarius are both somewhat resistant (i.e., stubborn) about the what and how  of fulfiling their desires  (both are fixed signs) which can blur the possibilities of weaving the needs and urges together. Why either or? How about both and? Yes! Why not?


Fortunately, there is supportive energy to increase our ability to focus and harmonize the yearnings of our hearts and minds in order to transform and evolve (Mercury-Pluto conjunct). Shifting is occurring. In the coming days we may indeed be ready to surge ahead, willing to take some small step risks, and feeling more optimistic and lighter of heart (Mars>Sag on Friday).


For now under the Taurus Moon, it is good to ground ease and comfort. We are entering an eclipse season (upcoming Full Moon total eclipse in Leo) Feel into the pulsing power of sacred roots. Connect to simple things and honor the waiting time by listening, tasting, scenting, seeing, feeling. Attend to what may still need to be cleared away and choose actions that strengthen Being and bringing into form. Take time to gently shape and craft what is to be made manifest this Moon.


Waxing Moon light and dark in equal measure
Move in ‘between’ and honor all your treasures


Source what is waiting and wanting to be seen
Tap the pulsing power of your radiant queen


Strong, calm and steady
time now to get ready


Let go resistance and
step into your brilliance


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May ease & simple comforts ground you in all your endeavors this Moon










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