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1stQ and Samhain Eve

30 Oct 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky, turnings


Greetings of the 1st Quarter Moon, the day 141030_x385wbefore Samhain and half way between Equinox and Solstice.


I am writing a longer post here today and it is  quite full!


Today I speak to you of journeys new, the Moon, and Samhain.



Personal Journeying
Tomorrow another journey among journeys begins as we (Ramdha & I) head off towards California in our new/old home on wheels. The home is new to us but almost 29 years lived. Some of the creaking and cracking of age has been tended, and more to be done, but for now, she is way-ready. She is like Crystal (the van I had in my 20s) and I have named her both Whisper (for there were many whisperings to heed this call) and Wings (for that is what I sense she’ll provide ;))


We did an overnight ‘road test’ earlier this week; it was Ramdha’s first time in the van and on the road. He was brilliant! Unconcerned by the harness he wore, he took a quick look around and settled into my lap. As we walked down the city  street, he sat in a basket over my arm without seeking to get out (which would be his usual tendency). When we reached the place of my appointment, he checked around for a few minutes and then, again, came to my lap. When it was time to leave, he climbed into the basket on his own waiting for my readiness to depart. (Amazing!).


141030_Ramdha-P1040441CROP_x300wLater, out on the highway at dark, we had our first ‘adventure.’ It was the result of “Uh-Oh, the headlights aren’t working. Uh-Oh, neither are the turn signals. What the…Fudgecake!?” Now I’m in a forced right; who knows where we’re going. Longer story short, via back access we enter a car dealership to find out how to get back on the highway and there also to inquire if anyone might know what the problem might be. There were no mechanics on duty but five men came to variously test and puzzle and scratch heads over the manual. The normally “what’s goin’ on?” Ramdha just sat calmly on the back bench unperturbed.


No solution was determined but we discover that holding the highbeam bar up would at least give me light. With thanks and directions, we made our way back to the highway. And then I saw light reflecting back at me; my lights. Confirmed. Yup, lights working, low, high, signals, back-ups. Go figure. Still working (but I think I’ll avoid night driving)


Looking forward to the journey ahead. However, it does mean relatively less e-connection that usual. It will be interesting how things unfold beginning the day after 1st Q Moon.


1st Q moon
141030_Samhain 2009_P1070003_wSig50_x300Tonight there will be a half lit waxing Moon (exact at 1948 pdt). Light and dark in equal measure. Time to pause and reflect.


By now the sparks and whispers of inspiration and direction have been formed into intentions and action has begun. It is a time for fueling and building that which you want to bring into being. What is it you seek to bring more or newly into being under the waxing Moon? What brave steps are you into these new forms and ways of Being? Take a moment to celebrate the courage of your journey. It is time.


The First Quarter Moon is the time of the Warrior Maiden and the time when a doorway opens to other places. Tonight is the eve of Samhain (Halloween,Hallows Eve) when the veil between us and ‘other places’ is thin. What doors to other places would you like to open? What do you want to discover? What questions would you like to ask? Imagine the conversation. Listen. Listen to the answers, that support your greatest good. Feel into the wisdom shared. Fill your heart with expanding Light. Take the time to pause.




141030_Samhain_Heart2013_x385Samhain is the time of year when the veil is thin between the worlds of the living and the dead. A time to to remember and honor all those who have gone before. This year I have added many to my Altar of Remembering: Ayla, Maya, Eleanor, Sue, Robin … The Altar has been very full for quite some years; in my world, leavings began when I was very young. I sit with them, telling and listening to stories. This year there will be so many new guests and for these, the tears of loss are still very close and fresh. It is as is meant to be. I invite…I remember… I release… Remember. Release. And we sit together with all that has been and is and can be. I welcome the heart warm visiting.


Yes, it is time to remember those we love who have passed, this year and before, allowing both tears of love and of sadness to flow.


Time to remember and honor the sacred cycle of life, death, rebirth and regeneration.


Time to celebrate the births this year, new beings, new insights, new makings, and our own vital connections to the Earth and each other.


Time to remember that birth, growth, death and renewal are all of of a cycle that plays over and over again through natural systems and human lives. Death is no barrier to love, and every ending brings a new beginning


141030_Samhain-CatPumpkin2007_x300‘Tis the season of the witch!


All is well, Halloween is here. Souls come to visit and the living world throws a party to mingle with those that have gone before. We share together, and warm cold hands at the hearth.


Wishing you a playful and ghostly-guised Halloween warmed by fond memories, soft reflection and joyful laughter! It is time.


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light