Wisdom Wild | 1st Sliver-Moon in Aquarius


1st Sliver-Moon in Aquarius

31 Dec 2016, by Fiona in moon&sky

161231_comp2-bw-merge-crop_x385‘Tis the 1st sliver-light

of the New Year’s
First Moon


contemplate, reflect,
what is called into the Light?


A beginning Moon and a beginning year. It is now the third night of Moon new. Tonight, and the next 3, 5, or 7 days is a great time to seed in your imagination all that you would like to grow this coming year.


What is it you would like to bathe in Light? What key words will guide you? What will be your mantra for the coming time?


Right now there is much to support us in exploring these questions about our personal and collective evolution. There is a kind of elemental balance among the planets this day (3 Earth, 3 water, 3 Air, 2 fire) which provides a feeling of evenness and calm. There is a pull to begin again but right now the energy is more contemplative and reflective (Mercury retrograde) as we honor the year passing and look towards a new year emerging.


We are urged to break free of old and familiar patterns and open to new ways of seeing and Being (Uranus in Aries-direct as of Dec28, is opposite Jupiter in Libra). To find a balance between what we need for our own self-care and self-expression, and how to stay in positive relationship with those to whom we are connected by love and service. What we have done has served us well; what we now do may serve us both ‘more better’ and differently.


Wonder onto the balance beam or look deeply into the scales when you consider what seeds you will nurture and nourish this new turn of the wheel.


Look now into the sliver-light Moon
and imagine pouring in your personal tone
of head, heart, hands and feet
where all radiant magicks dance in rhythm to
a personal and collective evolutionary beat.


Breathe in grace known and beyond knowing
to nourish the seeds you seek to sow and grow
Welcome in your most authentic, radiant Being.


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light



May the new year be filled with peace, ease, the warm of love,
and much much magick!





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