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Moon Light & Dark

09 Nov 2013, by Fiona in moon&sky

halfMoonWaxingHello Dear Ones!

I sit here in this moment with you. The moon draws me forward into her growing light. The sun-fading season beckons me to cloak, draw in, be quiet, rest. Sky calls. Earth calls. Paintings whisper veiled knowings and presents of guidance. This moment poised half light half dark in moon view; this time of the first Quarter/half moon (2157 PST)

In the time since moon dark, there have been sparks, calls to action to which I respond with curiosity, wondering, sometimes with excitement.  I step forward, disciplined, focussed and then, but…? The wave releases. Surging forward and pulling back. Motion and stillness. The transition and in-betweens created by breath and at times mundane tasks to maintain ground and calm… Moving. Waiting. Moving again. Waiting again.  It is time to Breathe and Pause Dear Ones.

Sometimes it may feel like there’s no ‘progress’ or ‘product’ but there is even if you have not marked it. Mark it now. Each choice you make for your own self-care, for the support of others, for the planet, for moving forward, for pause and stillness, is a �product� of your effort. And  there is a lot going on energetically. Know that that is substantive too.  And we have time. Uranus/Pluto square continues to March 2015. Continue to lay foundations in layers.  Root deep as the drums beat…

The signs are that we are in the birth canal of the new coming into being. It feels like that. (Perhaps for me it feels so also because my body birthday is not long ahead.) The time now is to relax and allow; and be present and move forward.

Yes, the gestation and labour has been long and often exhausting. Yes, there have been and still may be bumps, and stalls, and pebbles thrown under the wheel to challenge our balance. And we are here, still dreaming in a new dream, still loving, still healing, still caring. And we are supported by all that we do, all that we are, and all that we Be with ourselves and each other. Standing and feeding the heart-radiant strength of our beings.

This is a time for breathing deep. Long, deep, heart-filling, body filling,  breathes. Breaths that go down through your feet into the earth to deep deep roots.  Out-breathes that release what needs to release; in breathes that openly receive. Easily, naturally, no effort. … And then, yes, go back to the work ;) and remember, as always

Nurture your Nature.
Light and Love to You Dear Ones,