Wisdom Wild | Moon half-lit in Taurus


Moon half-lit in Taurus

14 Feb 2016, by Fiona in moon&sky

160214_COMP1-merge-CROP_x385 Welcome waxing Moon half-lit (exact at 2346) in Taurus


Half-lit Moon calls us to attend to where we stand. Time to review and reflect, gaining clarity on what it is to be released, and what is to be kept and brought forward.


Moon in Taurus is trine Venus providing earthy ease. There is support now for things chosen to have longevity, and new patterns can be firmly rooted at this time (take care which patterns you want to claim and maintain ;)).


Mercury just moved into Aquarius yesterday and Venus will move into Aquarius on Wednesday. It feels like near perfect conditions for this waxing Moon. Firm ground (4 planets in Earth signs); Water for flow (3 in water signs); and increasing Air (currently 2 & 1 more soon) to fan Fire’s flames. With more Air energy on the scene, expect your mind to be more active. Take a breath and focus on the flame inside the heart seed that is stirring.


Pause in the glow of the half-lit Moon
and yield the old to Her grace


Draw up the earthy powers
from the ground upon which you stand


Draw down the light of Moon and stars
and weave your magic into the land


Moon dancer that you Be
Call in all the radiance that you see
Freedom, safety, love and joy, and
all the gifts you can employ
Souls new and old brought into the fold
Bring All that is cherished that you hold


It is time to cast the threads, rainbows full
Time to twine and twist and to push and pull
Time to bring forth your new tapestry and
Express the magic of the Mysts-story


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light




– – – – – –

IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
Heart Background: found on Pinterest; Source N/A | decorated Cow: cut and modified from image found on Pinterest believed to be photo’d by BibiWeb

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