Wisdom Wild | Full Capricorn Moon and Bright Lights


Full Capricorn Moon and Bright Lights

02 Jul 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

150701_COMP4-4-mergeCROP_x385Welcome Full Moon in Capricorn (exact yesterday @ 1920 pdt) and Bright Skies!


This is a powerful full Moon with lots else going on.


Take time to honor, give thanks, and
celebrate the journey, the gifts and achievements
from Moon dark to now.


No matter what else may be pushing or pulling (cardinal grand cross effects),


create a moment now to
breathe in gratitude for all the insights and forms
that have come into being.


Wander through the moon-lit landscape to
find what shines forth and
what is revealed in crevices and corners
that have been hidden before.


Call in acceptance and compassion and
add this to the bouquet of experience
you gather under the full Moon.


With Full Moon in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer we continue to be called to balance. The emphasis now is on balancing self-care (Cancer) and responsibility in the world (Capricorn).


Let the bright lights of Moon, Jupiter and Venus guide and empower.


Breathe in joy, optimism and confidence,
(Jupiter conjunct Venus in Leo),
strength and vigor
(Sun conjunct Mars),
and bathe in the full Moon light.


Embrace what makes you shine, and
what nourishes and fulfills you.
Hone your sense of what really matters


Be inspired and spiritually energized by the
gentle touch of divine sparkles
(Neptune in Pisces)


Stand in the earth-sky fullness of you and
be caressed by ongoing transforming
(Moon conjunct Pluto)


Cleanse, nourish, ground, trust.
These are the soils of abundance fueling your Being


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light

Wishing you
empowering revelations and celebrations

of the Full Moon and Bright Lights in the sky
and of Radiant You!