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Strawberry Rose Full Moon in Sag

02 Jun 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

150602_comp1_x750-merge_x385Welcome Full Moon
in Sagittarius
(exact @ 0919 pdt)


In the Northern Hemisphere, the June full Moon is often called the Rose or Strawberry Moon. This is a time of openness, creativity, break-through and expansion. A time of sweetness, curiosity, freedom and joy.


Let your roots sink deep and wide
Breathe in the scents of Rose and Strawberry.
Revel in the opening of the flowers.
Taste the sweetness of fruits of your Soul
Expand into the more of Spirit Being


This Sagittarius Moon opens a portal to opportunities. It is a time of much movement (initiated by a grand fire trine – Moon, Uranus, Jupiter). A ‘kite’ (triple conjunction -Sun, Mars, Mercury in Gemini) activates creativity. A ‘T-square’ (Sun, Moon, Neptune) calls us to Spirit presence; to spirit seeing and action in everything. Of course, this T-square plus Jupiter in Leo can also tempt excess so remember to call on the Earth energy that’s been inviting us to keep grounding these past few weeks.


Now is the time to Celebrate all that has come to fullness in this cycle. Time to look at what is revealed under the full Moon light. Time to pause, feel in, honor and release.


Sag Moon calls us now to create new stories; to gain new perspectives; to find new creative approaches; to expand into bigger pictures and greater truths.


  Come fully into Heart presence and spaciousness.
Align with your curious, creative, loving, free and joy-filled Self.


Personal Note


150602_backCOMPWith all this fire energy there is much movement and excitement but, Hold Up!. It can be very tempting to overdo.


Remember to pause &
pace yourself
Do one thing at a time
Stay grounded
Be gentle with yourself.


I recently got caught up in firey eagerness and excitement of doing new things (in the garden specifically) and ‘forgot’ about pacing and gentleness. Consequences? Back protested (Ouch!) and I’ve since been spending a lot of time horizontal or on my knees or ‘on the ball.’ … Yeah, I’m still working on cat purr-fect. LOL.


On the upside, these are great positions for reflecting and meditating. Good timing what with the T-square expanding the spirit-lense and MercR’s call to step ‘back’. AND, with all the up & downing, getting lots of pause and movement! (hee hee)


Grateful for these things and for Sag Full Moon shining the light brightly on things; for Neptune magnifying guidance available from inner wisdom; and to Body for slowing me down when I ‘forget’.


Take good care of yourselves and remember to go slow – esp when you want to go fast – and pace yourself while you create new stories, gain new perspectives, and delight in a boundless dance.


Wishing you inspired questions,
bright revelations,
expansive breath,
sweet freedom, and
joy-full hearts.

Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light