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Waning Moon

12 May 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

150511_comp2_x385Welcome the Waning Moon
now in Pisces


It is time to align with the waning time.


Yesterday, the last quarter Moon (exact at 0336pdt) was in Aquarius; as of last evening (1940 pdt) she moved into Pisces. Today Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces and trines Venus in Cancer. Mars just moved into Gemini (more flexible but less focussed). Saturn (discipline, responsibility) and Pluto (transformation) are both retrograde, slowing things down.


Moon calls us now to pause and take stock of all that has been initiated since the new Moon. Time now to finish up (for now) what was initiated at the new Moon. In the office, home, studio, garden shed, or wherever your works have taken you, it is time now to gather up, clear away, and create space for moving slow, taking ease, and resting within.


As you prepare to move more deeply within, let your thoughts and ideas play with the wind.


Bare your feet to the warm earth.
Breathe in the notes of lavender and meadow grass,
jasmine and rose
Step into the sweet waters and
allow calm to flow.
Release your bright magicks into the Myst and
watch the rainbows dance with your own inner light.
Honor your power and your sensitivity and
Make this day one to just Be in Spirit joy
Embrace the art of you


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light


150512_P1060346CROP_x300Personal Notes


The Calla Lily is one of my favourite flowers. Calla means love; Calla lily means to express love. The Calla Lily symbolizes the feminine aspects of rebirth. I so love how they unfurl.


The Calla Lily is also a sign of purity and feels so appropriate to the waning Moon time for this is a time when we release and ‘purify’ ourselves of all that has gone before, in preparation for what is to come.


This image is from ‘Elemental Wisdom’, a 5-panel painting I’ve just begun. This panel represents Earth. Deep dark, rich browns, fecund greens, flowering brightness, and a  still presence. I hope it speaks to you of these things. Do draw on Earth to  Nurture your Nature, Wisdom Wild


with Love & Light