Wisdom Wild | Scorpio Full Moon + Cross Quarter & Amarylis


Scorpio Full Moon + Cross Quarter & Amarylis

03 May 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

150503_comp2-D_x385Welcome Full Moon in Scorpio (exact at 2042h pdt)
and Cross-Quarter  soon (May 5 at 1243h pdt)


Full Moon! A time of illumination and full-fill-ment.
Look out at all that you have created that is now lit brightly under the fullness of the Moon.


It is time both for celebration of all that has been claimed and released. . . and for discernment.


Breathe deeply of the fullness of the time. Honor all that has come into being, and all the gifts given and received. Look also for what may have lain hidden – a new opportunity to explore, or chaff that needs to be swept away.


Scorpio Moon calls us to delve deeply into all that may be hidden, buried or not as yet unearthed; to remember and re-member the deepest parts of ourselves. Taurus Sun supports us in the undertaking with fertile, feminine, grounded energy. A powerful fixed T-square (sun and Moon with Taurus Scorpio and Leo, all fixed sign) aids us in identifying that which is old or deeply ingrained and in need of airing or release.


Explore the magic of connection between self, life force and source. Do so with open expansiveness. Seek new alignments that empower expression of the greatest good for us and All, and bring these into form.


Two days from now we will be at the halfway point between Equinox and Solstice (Beltane in the north; Samhain in the south). This is a time when it is said the veils between the world are thin. It is a powerful transformative time and made more so with a Scorpio full moon.


Draw upon the sacred power of the present moment. Honor this time with earthly play. Dance with colorful ribbons (north) or in rooms garlanded with roots and gourds (south). Celebrate creation, hearts and life full! And in all ways,


Nurture your Nature,  WisdomWild,  with Love & Light


Personal Note – On Balance and Form and Transformation
As always, Moon calls us to balance. At this time we have Taurus Sun and Scorpio Moon in the heavens. Taurus and Scorpio are ‘opposite’ each other on the wheel and, while we may consider them polarized, we can also see them as complimentary. Through them we are called to balance: form, simple and tangible (Taurus); and transformation, mystery and the intangible (Scorpio). While Taurus and Scorpio embody different kinds of energies, it is the weaving and union between them that transforms and gives form.


I see these teachings/learnings in Amarylis. Some of you may have noticed a barely open bud in the 1stQ Moon image post just a week ago. I have been tending and witnessing Amarylis unfurl since that first budding. I wondered if the blossom would be full by full Moon and indeed, yes, two blossoms are full, directly opposite on another. And between them, two more buds are beginning to open. I suspect they will fully open at the Solar cross-quarter.




A metaphoric dance of Moon and Sun, 4 blooms, each at a point of the compass. How magical is that? Root, bud, time, awakening bloom, unfolding, sacred flower emerging.


Tend the Sacred Flower that is you.
Unfold from the deep knowing within.
Be nourished by earth and water, caressed by the wind
and warmed by the sun.


Wishing All the deep illumination and fullness of Moon bright

Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light