Wisdom Wild | Waxing ‘Half’ Moon


Waxing ‘Half’ Moon

06 Feb 2014, by Fiona in moon&sky

Greetings of the 1st Quarter Moon!IMG_140205HalfWaxP


The  Half-lit Moon (@ 1122h pst) is that point of equal light and dark of the moon. Think of it as a midpoint between past and future with the now waxing moon calling us forward.


It is time to commit more fully to whatever intention or direction you have chosen. Listen to your inner wisdom calling you to grow,  and weed out the voices wanting you to hold back.


Past and future may get entangled with one another around this ‘half’ moon waxing time –  especially since Mercury goes retrograde this afternoon and appears to go ‘backwards.’  Yes, it’s not uncommon for communications and technology to get a bit ‘grumpled’ during MercR but also what an opportunity!


This moon time calls for re-viewing, re-thinking, re-working, re-wiring and MercR can highlight some areas for attention ;).  Step ‘back’ and attend to the details. If you’ve ‘seen it before’ choose an action that clears or transforms or in some way moves you into greater alignment with your intention/direction.


Take time to pause, reflect, and then, Peaceful Warrior within, be bold in creating, calling forth, and receiving  what you love, dream and desire!


And, as always,
Nurture your Nature
With Love & Light,