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All Souls, Cross Quarter Soon

02.11.2023 in moon&sky, turnings

Greetings of the Cross Quarter (exact 231107 @0836 PST)  & Season Shift   …. nurturing presence …    Cross Quarter days mark the change of a season. For this one, here in the North, the start of winter; in the South, the beginning of Summer. We…

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EQUINOX, Libra Sun & Moon Half-Lit

22.09.2023 in moon&sky, turnings

Welcome Moon half-lit (exact @1231 PDT) + Equinox & Sun in Libra (exact @2351 PDT)   … stillness, balance, and shift   Today Moon will be light and dark in equal measure (exact @1231pst; moves from Sag >Cap at 1320). A few hours later it…

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Cross Quarter, Waning Moon, Lionsgate 88

07.08.2023 in moon&sky, turnings

Welcome Cross Quarter (exact 230807 @1124 PDT) & Waning Taurus Moon Half-lit (exact 230808 @0328 PDT) & The Lion’s Gate 88 Portal   abundance, balance, enrichment, rejuvenation   Today is the Cross Quarter*, a special time marking the solar midpoint between Solstice and Equinox. In…

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Happy Solstice! Cancer Sun & Leo Moon

20.06.2023 in moon&sky, turnings

Welcome Solstice! & Sun in Cancer (exact 230621 @0758 PDT) & waxing Moon in Leo   love & courage;  balance & harmony   Happy SOLSTICE! It’s time to celebrate the Light! And Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Rainbows, and all good things! It’s a time for restoring and…

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Cross Quarter + Scorpio Moon Full Eclipse

05.05.2023 in moon&sky, turnings

Welcome Moon Full in Scorpio … (exact at 1034 pdt) Eclipse (peak at 1023 pdt) & Cross Quarter em (exact at 1119 pdt)   … deep sensing, illumination, transformation   What a potent and power-full day! Eclipse… Buddha Moon … full… in Scorpio… and the…

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