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The Cycle Continues

Natural  Rhythms: A Walk with the Moon
Next Cycle starts Jan 20 2015

Attune, align and synchronize with natural rhythms.
Walk with the Moon and step into the Sacred Rhythm of Nature and You.

Step into the Circle!


Everything has a natural flow and a rhythm to it. Walking with the moon helps to attune to ourselves,  to inner and outer worlds, and to the optimal times for different kinds of activities and endeavours. When we are so attuned, we can step in/step out, take action/be still,  claim/release, and make other such action-choices,  all with  natural rhythms of ease and grace


I wonder… Are there times you wish you could

 icon-tiny-heart Feel more in-sync or in-step – with yourself, a project, life in general

 icon-tiny-heart Get off a train that’s just moving too fast (and/or not in your preferred direction)

 icon-tiny-heart Move with greater flow versus feeling blocked or like you’re doing too much at once

 icon-tiny-heart Stop feeling ‘whelmed (either over or under ‘whelmed)

 icon-tiny-heart Turn off the self-critic and the noise of inner mean girls partying hardy

 icon-tiny-heart Be more strongly  inner-guided versus outside-driven, and manage from the inside-out instead of the outside- in more consistently

 icon-tiny-heart Mana-fest your intentions in the ways and times that are purr-fect for your vision

 icon-tiny-heart Feel more in balance and in harmony


If you said Yes to two or more of these questions then a Walk with the Moon would be wonderful for you!

THIS IS FOR YOU if you want to fulfill wishes like those above, and want to do it in a way that honors your heart, your vision, your own rhythms, others, and Earth hirself.

I have been walking with Luna and Natural Rhythms intentionally for more than 40 years now. I will be your guide and mentor on this journey but know this: your journey with Moon Rhythms will be your own, and unique to you and your relationship with la Luna.


Yes! I want more such wishes fulfilled!



INVITE you to step out of the Monday-Sunday work/rest calendar days – and especially if this means stepping out of push, push, deadline, next deadline, do-do – and into the feminine space of Being. Here are some of the benefits of Walking with the Moon.


icon-tiny-heart Revitalize spirit through sacred immersion in natural rhythms

 icon-tiny-heart Deepen inner feminine wisdom

 icon-tiny-heart Expand self-compassion, kindness and care

 icon-tiny-heart Experience greater balance,  steadiness and a feeling of being at home

 icon-tiny-heart Share, nourish, inspire and be nourished and inspired

 icon-tiny-heart Embrace shifts and changes through stillness, inquiry and experiential discovery

 icon-tiny-heart Be  more attuned with and embody ‘right’ timing

 icon-tiny-heart Feel the rhythmic dance of life in every heartbeat and every breath


Yes please! I want to ‘Get to’!



Moon Rhythms includes:

Icon-heart-blue Wisdoms of the Current Moon Cycle (names, themes, and Moon Wisdom in general)

Icon-heart-blue Solar relations (and other planets as may be calling)

Icon-heart-blue 4 Moon Circle calls aligned to each primary phase of the moon

Icon-heart-blue 4 Moon Guides (aka ‘worksheets’) to help you deepen your relationship with natural rhythms

Icon-heart-blue 4 mid-phase Silver Moon-Light messages

Icon-heart-blue Daily Moon chart for the cycle

Icon-heart-blue A one-to-one Sacred Rhythms Guidance and Mentorship ‘guide-ion’ session with Fiona.
We will ground the Moonwork in your life via a personal or professional project or intention.

All calls will be recorded. You can attend the calls live or listen to the recording when you’re ready. If you have questions, they can be asked on the call or send them in ahead of time if you are unable to attend the call in person.


Tuition for WisdomWild Walk with the Moon.

Coaches,  associates and even clients continue to roll their eyes or shake their heads at the Tuition fee for this program. “At least $499!” they say. “And that does add up to 13 (moons) and 4 (phases) like you want!” they add. Yeah, maybe, but it is up to me, so…


Special Tuition Fee $499. $247
More Special: Bring a friend for ½ off.
Extra Special Register NOW: $175

Extra savings: Sign up for 3 cycle package: $490



Speaking of Fiona and Moon Rhythms… 

“Fiona, I adore your brilliant gifts of wisdom regarding the moon phases, season changes and how our lives fit into the natural change in the earth. Really wonderful! “–  Maureen Moriarty Russell


Fiona is filled with great wisdom, experience and insight that not only helped me move more easily into my true destiny but she also was able to identify my true heart and source of passion.  She truly has a gift and sensitivity as a listener to pick up your true self and therefore can help you reach your destiny and greatest potential at a much greater speed than without her.  I recommend her to anyone that wants to move forward faster, easier and in their ideal direction for their life and future.” – Matthew Miglin, The Voice of Prosperity


“I will forever be grateful to you for having shown me that it IS possible to be both spiritually alive and academically accomplished.” –  David Bernard, Detroit+


“Fiona is a true blessing to the world through her incredible ability to convey complex and multidimensional cycles and phases of the moon in a way that speaks to one’s soul- straight to the heart. She breaks down what is far greater than myself and grounds me in a knowing that what I am feeling is ok and to be gentle with whatever it might be (especially in times of what is going on with me!). I have so many yes! Moments reading her words as I truly feel like they are speaking from her heart to mine. I feel blessed to receive her wisdom.”  –  Alexis Werner


“Before I started working with Fiona, I struggled to maintain harmony in my personal and professional life. I was managing my life to a great extent from the outside in, using the calendar and deadlines to direct my focus. I  was not aware of the moon’s energy and how this affected my own energy patterns.  Fiona taught me how to “read” the moon’s energy and work with this energy productively in my life. She helped me structure my focus and activities in more conscious harmony with nature.   I became more productive as a result, achieving milestones with greater ease, less friction and more flow. Fiona’s program helps one to cultivate a different sense of time; experience a profound shift in consciousness; and express our true nature as co-participants in creation. The beauty of this path is that it never ends.”  –  Karin Bauer, San Francisco


 Sounds great!



Thanks for coming by and I look  forward to seeing you soon
Nurture your Nature
With  Much Love & Moonlight,

** For those wanting to sign up for a Cycle Series (3 or more cycles) please contact us directly