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ActionWild: World Elephant Day!

11 Aug 2016, by Fiona in creatures

ActionWild: August 12th is World Elephant Day!160810_WED-2016-logo-150x150


On World Elephant Day, Thursday, August 12, please express your concern, share your knowledge and support solutions for the better care of captive and wild elephants alike. Activate energy for Elephant!


Elevent: Coloring page http://worldelephantday.org/news/2016/07/eleedraw-coloring-challenge
And if you like coloring books, Aka Books is donating a $1 for every book in their Doodle Art Alley Book series until Aug 12 http://www.akabooks.com


Learn more about elephants and World Elephant day from
• World Elephant Day: http://worldelephantday.org/about (You can donate here too)
• Global Sanctuary for Elephants: http://www.globalelephants.org/
• Elephant news: http://worldelephantday.org/newsarticles
• … and books & films:
Film release on World Elephant Day: When Elephants Were Young http://www.whenelephantswereyoung.com/#trailer
Several books & films including The Secret Life of Elephants & Living with Elephants:


Yes! Act on your Love of our Wise & Wild Kin!