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WisdomWild – Crow Caws

14 May 2014, by Fiona in creatures

SunplusIn this time when we are again called to balance and meld opposing impulses, the caw of Crow invites remembering.


Crow, fascinated with her own shadow. Crow who knows creation mysteries and is keeper of sacred law. Crow, master of being in two places consciously at the same time. Crow the signaler of change. Crow who merges light and dark; inner world and outer world; past, present and future.


Crow medicine empowers us to find and speak out on that which is out of harmony or balance. Crow that teaches us to allow our personal integrity to be our guide. To walk and speak truth; to know and claim our purpose; and to live past, present and future in the now moment. To shift old reality to become our future selves. Ah yes, Crow speaks of the times in which we stand.


Crow teach us to walk through shadow and into the mystery
Show us how to merge light and dark, the inner worlds with the outer worlds
Share your medicine with us that we may shift reality and
Bring into being a world of harmony, balance and truth
Within and without.


May your wisdom help us to
Nurture our Nature
with Love & Light