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15 Dec 2013, by Fiona in turnings


The winds come at different times each year and I watch for them.

Sometimes a great wind arrives and makes it easy to gather windfall. The City in which I used to live still has trees in some areas. When Great Wind comes it is easy to gather windfall from streets and sidewalks and this benefits the street-keepers too. Unfortunately, trees have become fewer and fewer over the years in this and many cities. That means going farther afield into parks and forests. What I gather from these living places I return at the end of the season. This is very important for what falls in nature, feeds, so the gathering is just a borrowing.

And if Wind doesn’t come, still there is abundance to be found. Even at this time of year (at least where I am) there is garden tending going on. Yesterday I spied some fellows trimming red-berry Arbutus and they were more than happy for me to bundle up some of their cuttings. And garden shops and tree lots also have multitudes of branches trimmed from trees and cast off.  They often smile or shake their heads when I pick ‘waste’ from the floor or sort through the piles designated for the chipper. Of course, if it’s a really lean year, or if you live in a place where no green stands, you could buy a hand full of green.  Buying ‘green’ is a good thing too. :)

For those who have no green about, there are other things to gather. Gather stones in circle; gather sand or soil and trace a spiral; collect together packets of seeds and gather wonder; stand outside at night and gather the light of the moon and stars; meet up with a friend or two and gather the abundance of your friendship. There are so many ways to gather abundance.

What will you gather this day? I wonder…

Nurture Your Nature

With love