Wisdom Wild | Moon Waxing in the Darkening Season


Moon Waxing in the Darkening Season

09 Dec 2013, by Fiona in turnings, wisdom wild

halfMoonWaxingHello Dear Ones,

I have two main messages today: Stop where you are; and Start where you are.

We are in the last full moon cycle of the year. Now we see a moon half-lit going to full in about a week and then it will begin it’s wane into the dark again. And we are also moving through the last weeks of the increasing dark to the deepest of the dark of the solar year. And in midst of this, the holidays / holydays / holydaze are here and/or coming very soon.

There seems to be some contrariness in the energies about at the moment. The land time of year calls us to go slower, to rest more, to go deep. The culture time of the year calls us to ramp up, get busy with decorating and shopping and preparing and visiting and entertaining and partying and and and…

As such, and given this year, I’m not surprised to hear quite similar things from people lately. About things either not moving as quickly as they’d like, or far more quickly than they’d like. About glitches, stalls and delays – from technology to car break-downs to unexpected ‘must dos.’ About too much to do – “and not what I like to do either.” And the Comparison Queen has clearly been active for quite a few: “I should be farther ahead.” “Everyone else seems to be rolling and I feel like I’m standing still. ” “I just feel out of the loop” and “I’m so tired; I can hardly wait for the year to be over.”

Wow. So let’s just reflect for a minute. This year has been full of powerful and intense energetics with lots of change-calling, change-making, noticing, stripping, releasing, intending, claiming. And it wasn’t just one such dive-in; we were called to do this again and more and again and again. Feeling a bit tired? Ready for some downtime, a bit of ease, some rest? No wonder! ‘Tis time!

The land is at rest; time for us too. Yes, December can be a busy month but remember you get to choose how you roll. It’s Half Lit Waxing moon. Use the next week (until full moon) to complete what you want to complete for this month and let the rest go. Set your intention and manage your time and engagements in accordance with that intention. What is aligned and resonant with the intention is welcome; the rest must fall away. Remember, there are more cycles in which to dance; you need not dance to every tune with every person all at once in this one.

Stop Where You Are. Take a breath. Take another. Turn off whatever mind-chatter may be going on. Smile and remember all that you are thankful for. Feel the warmth of that smile and those rememberings fill your heart and warm your whole being. Take the moment. Take it often (at least once a day). Take the time. Make the time. And when you have, then, and only then, Start from Where You Are.

Just so you know, I am slowing with the season as well and spending time with the dark. I may only write to you one more time this year, at Solstice, for me my ‘highest’ high holyday. Until then,

Wishing you much wonder and play and restful smiles!

Nurture your Nature
With love and hugs,