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Visioning and the Senses

13 Jan 2015, by Fiona in reflections

150113_VisionP1040360_x300wsigIn my waning Moon post, I mentioned it has been a creative time these last few weeks. Most recently that has meant painting and writing, to inquire, imagine and inform the year ahead.


As some of you may know, I have been working with artist/poet Shiloh Sophia McCloud for some time  now. It was wondrous to join her again in visioning the coming year.


We worked with the senses, eight of them. You know 5 senses most certainly (sight, sound, scent, taste, touch), and probably the 6th (intuition), but how about the ‘sense’ that is of and from the sexual center (2nd chakra)? Or the sense that integrates and draws on and from all the others (creativity)? Perhaps there are others you could add; I certainly have begun to wonder.


The senses for me have always been powerful informers, advisors, delighters, and way-makers. They fill me with a feeling of blessed aliveness.


Visioning from the center of the senses is very powerful. I invite you to deeply connect with each of the senses. What do you want to experience from each of the senses? Draw them into whatever visioning you undertake and


Nurture your Nature
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