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Stellar Creature Teacher

13 Sep 2015, by Fiona in creatures

T150912_stellarJay9_CROP_x300he Creature Teacher is Stellar

*This Creature Teacher speaks strongly to the Sep 12/13 new Virgo Moon eclipse.


The focus of this Moon, the eclipses, and this whole Moon cycle is on connecting Heaven and Earth; about Spirit and matter unified.


Jay (from the Latin ‘gaia’ or ‘gaea’) has the ability to link the heavens and Earth. Hir markings reflect that bridging and melding ability: blue (sky), white (heaven) and black (earth).


I invite you to bring these colors to your altar and to your meditations.


If you live in Jay environs, listen for hir call. Let Jay’s voice* resonate the strength of Spirit-matter unity through each fibre and atom of your Being

* You can find Jay sounds at: http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Stellers_Jay/sounds  (The 3rd call listed is the one I hear from hir most often ;))