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Solstice Tree

18 Dec 2013, by Fiona in turnings

IMG_13Sol_Compiln-Heron+Treex385wwThere are many stories about tree-related traditions at this time of year, the what and why of them, and how they came to be. I expect you know some of them. When it comes to stories about how the Solstice Tree came to be, however, I actually like my story best ;).  It’s too long to include in a post such as this (perhaps I’ll read it to you sometime) so, for now,  let me just tell you a little of what’s behind and inside of my Solstice Tree.

As you already know, I love sun and sea and rain forest. They are very linked for me since getting to my favorite beaches always involves a walk through Forest.

I love the scent of the forest; the coolness, the moisture, the fecundity.

I love the the natural quiet, the peacefulness.

I love the abundance and diversity.

I love the connectedness. Trees, ferns, salal, bracken and funghi all rooted together, connected by an intricate underneath web of fibers in mutual, beneficial relationship. I love how salmon feed trees and how trees feed salmon(1) and how Bear and other creatures are instrumental in that feeding.

I love the way light filters through the trees and lights certain places leaving others in shadow. I love how Wind makes the light dance.

And I love the way Forest  lights up for me in the dark of night. Truly.

Late evenings, after the sun has set and the stars have appeared, I leave the beach, step into the forest dark and pause. I close my eyes and ask Forest to light my way. I open my eyes,  let them soften and I wait. And then I see ferns (most particularly) with the faerie lightest of green glow.  It makes me smile, perhaps evoking my faerie within, and I skip my way through the forest casting a fullness of gratitude as I go.

So now you know some of why Tree is important to me. Life connected, abundant. Light and Love radiant. Wisdom carried. And so I dress my Solstice Tree to reflect all of this.

Heron sits atop the tree where Heron so often sits in reality. Heron, solitary and still in the marshes and on shores; communal in the rookery. White Doves carrying peace and love. Silver spider webs for the web of life and the Spiral. Some few elves and faeries, playfully hide deep inside, seen only by  observant, curious, committed seekers. Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms for magick. Candles for the Light.

The choosing, the placing, the dressing of Solstice Tree is all sacred ritual for me. It is an expression of my overflowing gratitude, a calling, a prayer, and a wish for dreams made manifest.

The candles will be lit(2) on Solstice night. There is nothing like a Tree lit by living light. Enjoy!

Light. Life. Love. Magick.

Nurture your nature
Wisdom Wild
For All

1.Want to learn more about salmon & tree? Check out Tongass Rainforest.
2. Special Important NOTE:  Please, if you  would like to experience a tree with living light and have not done so before, do first be in touch with me. There’s things to know and things to do to ensure safety and you must move carefully. And I would not ever recommend this for an artificial tree.)