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Solstice Light

13 Dec 2013, by Fiona in turnings

IMG_2013SolsticeWiseStarsx216-2wwHello Everyone. Surprise!

Yes, I’m here sooner than anticipated. I’ve been sparked out of the silent dark by way of a request to “share some things you do during the holydays to honour them. Or even what you do leading up to the solstice and during. I would be interested …”

And so here I am. It is 8 days to Solstice. I have heard the calling and intend to respond by sharing  little somethings of  Solstice Magick each day beginning with today (although this post is a bit longer  ‘cause it’s about the why ;))

Let there be Light!

There are many reasons  for my honoring this time but here are three of my core and primary whys.

Light is one of my two most favourite things (the other is water but that’s another story). Here at the 49th parallel in the Pacific Northwest Rainforest, the changing of the Light during the year is quite evident. At this time of year, sinking into the deepening dark, it is palpable, visceral in various ways. I am drawn to fly south with Canada Geese or go underground with Seeds, or into the cave to hibernate with Bear.  But I haven’t yet fully mastered that shape-shifting;  I am one who must work to hold the light within me during this time. That in itself has led me on many inward journeyings.

For me, Winter Solstice, the day of longest dark, hails the return of the Light. Yippee! It was the first thing in my life I felt was reason or cause for celebration. Celebrate the Light! Yes! Yay!  I was 13 then and have been honoring this time with caring, intention, and ritual every year since. The first celebration marks the beginning of my sinking into cycles and natural rhythms; creating sun wheel celebrations and rituals; and walking with the moon. The practice(s) extends the threads and deepens  my relational intimacy with the ways of nature, and with Magna Mater Gaia, hirself  (perhaps you know hir as Terra, Ma-at, Turtle Island, Planet Earth or some other name).

So you see, this time for me is bound to a fuller, deeply spiralling, multidimensional story of life and living. It is rooted to what I hold as Sacred: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Spirit. The essences of life and Life itself. To honor, to celebrate,  to serve and to protect.

As you may by now also see, Light for me is the bringer of great gifts. I believe, no, I know, that the hunger, the yearning for Light is not mine alone. I feel that it is a yearning in everyone whether experienced or laying buried or latent within.

Light is Life, Love, and Wisdom.

The physicality of light draws up the grasses and flowers; calls the birds back in spring; draws Bear out to stretch and scratch and breathe deeply; and is involved in our own physical and emotional Life well-being.

The feeling self yearns for Light; it  is both a calling and expression of the Radiant Heart. Light and Love are companions that often gather together and in so many ways co-create one another.

The thinking self (head and heart minds) yearns to shine the light on Truth and, together with body and heart, to acquire Wisdom.

Through these gifts, bound together, is Spirit.

And so I honor and celebrate Light as fuel of life; as beams of the heart; as revealer of truth; as wisdom guide; and as my home in Spirit, earth-made, star-born.

… I wonder now how you will receive this unveiling of my personal and thus far mostly private world. My nature-nurture and my nurture-nature. Would love to hear if/how it speaks to you and what Light means to you – in Life, in Love and in Wisdom.  Much love to you.

Until tomorrow,

Nurture your Nature