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Scorpio Dark Moon + partial Solar eclipse

23 Oct 2014, by Fiona in eclipse, moon&sky

141023_Eclipse_solar1410-1_ED2x385wWe are at Moon dark, on the day of a partial solar eclipse, and just 8 days until we are half way between Equinox and Solstice.


Despite the moon waning time through which we have just passed, the season, both north and south, calls us to activity. In the north, the last gatherings, the storing away, the finishing up, and other inward preparations for the season of the Dark. In the south the opening, the refreshing, the first planting, the planning, the beginnings of moving outward and into a season of increasing light.


141023_P1040473_x300Here it is as if I stand in both times. I have flowers just budding open; one emerging as if to greet spring; another cluster bloom stands pink-white against the dried brown and rust of all the leaves and flowers of the bush from which it has branched. I am fall-acting in projects and in house, and spring-acting in preparations for a new journey and adventure heading south.


Yes, cycles spin in different timings and in different rhythms. Sunrise to sunrise, Dark Moon to Full and back; season to season tripping around the sun; and other cycles longer still, in series of multiple years extending and extending the point of view. As we know, there are points and zones of alignments and oppositions as planets’ orbits move in rings with one another. In similar and different ways, they are like offerings and opportunities to reflect and ponder about movement and change and Being.


Today Sun and Moon are in Scorpio (at 00 degrees). Venus as also moved into Scorpio and joins Sun and Moon (at 00 degrees). Venus is in harmony with Mars and Neptune (also joined with Sun and Moon at 00 degrees). The harmony of Mars and Venus provides such wonderful balancing energy for the masculine and feminine within. All together, an empowering of beauty, abundance and love, and especially for our inner work. Yum!


And all those 0’s! ‘0′: a circle; the cycle of life; nothing and everything. 00 like a pair of eyes, said to be windows of the soul. And gracious! All this Water! Scorpio Sun, Moon, Venus and Saturn; Pisces Neptune and Chiron. Wow! Scorpio, deep water, deep emotion, deep transformational seas. Pisces, the meandering river, compassionate, healing, dreaming . What a lovely pairing at this time of high tides, waves, water flows (and it’s sure been pouring down around here) and so many currents. Movement, change, creation. Yes indeed, Let Go, Let it flow. Magic is afoot… or is it a-fin?


I really love the time-space point of view the Moon provides: more expansive than the day to day, but not so ‘big’ as a full year or more. It is for me an easy breathing kind of space in which to stand and be. A space which helps to see and hold the days; is big enough to see the more; and from which one can see enough behind and ahead to align, re-align, and pace the way to larger and longer journeying.


The Moon has recently been calling us to slow, to pause, to move inward. Now, at Moon dark it is time to be still. Even if there are calls to do elsewise, from the land or the worlds within which we walk, it is time to make space for sinking into this pause. Time to ground strongly and move deeply into stillness and into the void both empty and full. (We are supported in this by all those 0s too). The partial eclipse of Sun also calls us to this blessing (note: it is the last Scorpio eclipse until 2022); and Mercury will stand still Saturday before moving direct once again. I invite you to answer the calls.


It is time Dear Ones, no matter what else may call or pull you, to make space for pause. Time to empty oneself of everything and look into the void, well held. Time to step into and Be in the spacious and nourishing container such pause provides.


141023_P1040158_CROPx300wTXTFeel in. Release all that does not serve in this moment. Gain by letting go. Listen. Breathe.

Invite whispers and visions of that which serves you and the greatest good.

Let your soulful eyes see brand new beginnings of transformations that will last a long time.

Wonder at what the sparklings reveal and what the soundings hold.

Open to the creative forces within and dream deeply.

Let the space both empty and fill you as you follow your breathe and move with the tides.

See the beauty, feel the love, receive the abundance.

Let the magic unfold.


Oh do, Dear Ones, do make it so.


Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light