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return from the road

21 Dec 2014, by Fiona in reflections

141221_OTRcompWe have arrived back in BC after many days of driving through increasing rain and wind and dark.


This morning, back at home, we awakened to a golden light lining the horizon and piercing through clouds over patches of blue.


It’s Solstice Day! And dark/new Moon too! Yay!


There’s a fine mist rain and I know that somewhere a rainbow beams. What magic will be found next? I wonder…


Images and rememberings from the journeys – road trip, this moon, this year – are dancing about like sugar plum faeries. In the next days I will make the space to watch the dancing; it may be awhile before I see what is revealed, what is lit up and what sparkling crystal webs have been woven or may be woven in the time to come.


If you would like to look and wonder too, take a couple of minutes and visit with the sugar plums faeries.  I think you’ll love it!


Much love,
Fiona & Ramdha