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New Moon First Sliver

05 Nov 2013, by Fiona in moon&sky

newMoon_byMichaelMenefeeHello Dear Ones!

Did you spend time sitting in stillness in the dark of the moon? Did you feel shifting energies of  Sunday’s solar eclipse?

These are  Magical times. The dark of the moon: a time to reset. An eclipse: a time of reset. Scorpio: time to go deep and deeper.  Deeper and deeper exploring the nest of ourselves born of Earth and Stars.

Here all at once the callings of the past several months merge with increased intensity. It is as if we have been and are living a rising crescendo through various moments accelerated.

There has been and still is much going on. Releasing and claiming is an ongoing practice. Daily practice. Always. Turning ourselves inside out, outside in, shifting, moving forward and deepening the practices aligned and resonant with our hearts.

Listen. The veils parted and Samhain Crone beckoned  us to release, remember and welcome visions and voices.  The Dark of the Moon, the stillness place, empty of this or that, before a turning. Listen. Listen to the Whispers. Listen to the tappings in your body, the coursing of your blood, the beat of your heart. Listen to the song, the Medicine Song born with you. Listen to Truth. Receive the boons of listening.

Yes, in the listening we have heard voices of doubt and fear and uncertainty. We look them in the face and see their fictions, old stories that no longer serve. Release. Release these old stories and their practices. They no longer serve the new, more expansive you, whether embryonic, gestating,  re-birthing or fully reborn.

Step in, step forward. Dar a luz. Give to the light. Give birth to yourself with reverence, connection, and loving nurturance. The stepping in and stepping forward  is healing. It is what connects us. It is love filling.

Tonight if the sky is clear you will see the first tiny sliver of the light of the new moon following the sun’s setting. Another cycle begins. This cycle is highly charged and it supports great productivity and movement. Release and reset may still be in process but now is the time to deeply plant the reset.

Stand in the power of the exploration and clearing undertaken these past several months.  Personal ‘rules’ have been rewritten. Intentions have new clarity and precision. Practices which serve have been identified and honed.  Delight and strength in ‘don’t know’ discipline has been gained. Step forward into the moon light. As it grows with Light, feel the Light grow in and with you.

Be diligent. Be consistent. Be present. Trust  your Heart. Trust Spirit. Join hands. We are in this together.

And always, Dear Ones, Nurture Your Nature
Much Love