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Moon dark-new in Cancer

04 Jul 2016, by Fiona in moon&sky

160704_COMP3-merge-CROP_x385 Greetings of the New Moon in Cancer – and A LOT of water energy!

Nourish roots & seeds


The energy felt through May and June has begun to dissipate and there is a sense of greater ease and spaciousness (esp as Merc & Mars have moved direct). With this new Moon we are welcomed by an abundance of water and a pull to home, friends, family and health (4 planets in Cancer). As the new cycle begins, we are called to attend most particularly to what is close to home, in physical space and within.


Sensitivity, empathy, and creativity are heightened.. With all the water energy (7 planets in water signs + Grand Water Trine), we are empowered to flow with what is and what comes, and to feel deeply, and more deeply still, washed by the waters into which we release and by which we are cleansed and refreshed.


If you have been enjoying time in the dwelling place of your heart – forest, mountain, desert, or otherwise – continue to enjoy, and look also into the roots of your innermost dwelling place (Cancer connects to roots and ancestral wisdom). Like Crab, move sideways too and investigate each rock and cranny and pool.


As Moon light gains over the next two weeks, find new ways to anchor all that you have found that nourishes and nurtures you, and plant new seeds in that service. This is the call of the lunation at this time.


Connect and drink deep of waters
fresh from rushing River and trickling Stream
and all those running in the home of your dreams


Stretch down into the roots of your Being
and into the ancestral wisdom that within resides
enjoy all the treasures and open to new found surprise


From all that nourishes you and keeps you both soft and strong
choose the special seeds that sparkle and glisten.
the ones that softly whisper when you closely listen


Time now to plant in the Earth of your heart and into the land…
Time to bring forth into form the grace of your Spirit’s hand


Trust in the Mystery and your intuitive insight
Welcome forth new wonders under Moon’s gaining light
and, as always, all ways,


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light



May you be wrapped in the magic of Cancer’s nurturing shawl and
plant nourishing seeds for you and All.





IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
Figurative figure of stars: modified cone nebula image from Wikipedia | Face: cut & modified from silhouette figure | Crabs: cut, modified & compiled from image on Bing; source unknown. NB: the red heart in the crabs’ hands are pomegranites ;) |