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Natural Rhythms: A Walk with the Moon
Sacred Rhythms Guidance and Mentorship with Fiona

Moon Cycle  Jan 20-Feb 17
[Next Cycle begins  Feb 18]


We will
Attune, align and synchronize with the moon,
and step into the Sacred Rhythm of Nature


If you are here for the First Time,
be sure to check your email and confirm registration.
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On this page you will find information about and/or links to:

  • Moon Cycle Guide/Worksheets & Link to Private Share space
  • Scheduling your Guide-ion Session
  • Phase Calls: Call-in details, Dates & Times.

You will find detail below and links to each of those underlined in the navigation at right.



Moon Cycle Guides will be released after each Moon Call. You will find the guides listed in the sidebar at right. Remember to SHARE your explorations in our private Natural Rhythms Moon Circle in Facebook


GUIDE-ION SESSION. You can schedule your Guide-ion session here (or from sidebar).  I recommend scheduling as early as possible to optimize potential gifts of this cycle but you are welcome to schedule your session at any time throughout the cycle.

In preparation for our call, here’s some things for you to think about:

* What is it you would like to learn, explore or attain during this Walk with the Moon?
* Do you have a particular aim, wish, or project you want to focus on?   I expect you do. What  1-3 areas would you like to have held as your main focus during Walk with the Moon?

Keep in mind that aims, wishes, and/or projects require consistent attention, and, unless they are small wishes or projects, usually need attention for more than one Moon Cycle. We will use this Walk with the Moon to explore where you are in the moment, and plan for now and ahead.


CALL INFORMATION. Dates & Times for Phase Calls Mark your calendars!

Call in Number and Access code will be the same for all our Circle call: +1 559.726.1300 | Access Code: 959641# NB: The access number is for Canada & USA

If you don’t have a long distance plan, you can also use “flash phone” on the web:
1. Goto https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/
2. Click on HD conferencing (left hand box near bottom of page)
3. Click on the Flash phone button to launch the dialer.
4. Click on the “list of numbers” drop down menu and select your dial-in number. Type in your access code and name then press click “place call”
5. Click “allow” to allow the flash phone to access your microphone, you will then be joined to your conference.
For phone numbers outside North America, go to https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/international/

Recordings information will be sent to you via email following the live call


SCHEDULE – Moon Phase & Moon  Calls


Moon Phase: Refer to your Moon Calendar for the Moonlight for each day.

Moon Calls: Refer to the right hand side bar for day and times of our Moon Calls.


Nurture your Nature




Thursday, June 26th, 4:00 pm pdt
Friday, July 4th,  4:00 pm pdt

Friday, July 11th, 5:30 pm pdt
Friday, July 18th,  5:30 pm pdt

Note: Call dates are within 24 hours of phase exact.

 Next Cycle begins August 25th

Monday, August 25th, 5:30 pm pdt
Monday, September  1st, 5:30 pm pdt

MondaySeptember 8th , 5:30 pm pdt
Monday, September 15th,  5:30 pm pdt


Moon Calendar & Highlights (7th cycle 1406-7)
Moon Guide 1
Moon Guide 2
Moon Guide 3 



Natural Rhythms Moon Circle
on Facebook (private group)


Schedule here