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Moon Full in Virgo

12 Mar 2017, by Fiona in moon&sky

170312_COMP1-merge-CROP_x385Welcome Moon Full
(exact @ 0754 PDT)

in Virgo


Discern, embrace, celebrate


I know this past week has presented challenges and hard work for many, perhaps even most of us. Maintaining fire-water balance isn’t easy. Processing through push-pulls and a mix of thoughts and emotions takes work – and very good self-care always. The call to self-care and to the work continues, but some shifts give us a bit of break from the tossing and churning and the pressures we might feel.


It is time now to take a breath, ground, and take stock of where you stand in this moment. Feel into the support available for slowing down and taking time and space (Mars moved into Taurus this past Thursday; Venus moving more deeply retrograde and Jupiter-R too). Step back both to get a bigger view, and to gain discerning perspective guided by inner wisdom and Moonlight.


The bright light of Moon-full reveals things we may not have yet seen; and intensifies the shadow places for us to investigate. In Virgo she calls us to attune to and honor Earth, the senses, sacred patterns, and the web of life. Virgo as the great goddess stands heart-fully embracing that which is newly rising, and that which is falling away. The comings and goings, the making and the unmaking, the highs and the lows, the eternal and the temporal, all woven together in natural, wisdom-expressive flow. It is this stand of hers that we are called to emulate. To let go and to create, weaving each in service to the other.


The earthier energy now present (Moon, Mars & Pluto in Earth signs) helps to provide a greater sense of stability for our journeys. As we tune to Earthways and our own hearth-truth, inner peace and balance is to be found (Venus-R fuels). Sense deeply into the tunings and then honor all that has been given and received; all that you have released; and all the work you have done, in Spirit and in form. Yes, it is time to honor and celebrate your radiant, living Being.


Stand beneath Moon’s shining light
and view all that is in sight
Discern what is to pass away
and all you wish to call to stay


Move through the highs and the lows
embracing the ways that life flows
like waves and tides that rise and fall
these are the rhythms within the All


Time to honor all you have done
all that’s been released and welcomed
Celebrate all that’s been attained
and all the wisdom you contain


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May you receive new insights and be filled with gratitude for all you are!





IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Sculpture: from Lady of Peace Church in Santa Clara: modified photo believed to have been taken by Jennifer Cote | Flowers: cut & modified from image by Anne Wheaton from her blog 2013 | Leaves: cut & & modified from wallpaper.