Wisdom Wild | Moon Full in Sagittarius


Moon Full in Sagittarius

09 Jun 2017, by Fiona in moon&sky

170609_COMP1-merge_x385Welcome Moon Full
(exact @ 0609PDT)

in Sagittarius


truth, wisdom, & ease


At the new Moon we were called to honor our knowing. Now Moon full in Sagittarius calls us to seek and distill the truth, and find deeper meaning. We are asked to bring more truth into the Light, stripped of felt burdens and illusion (Neptune square Moon; Saturn conjunct Moon). It is time to expand our understanding, amplify our inner wisdom (Jupiter direct today), and claim our personal power.


Shifts in the skies this week provide new momentum and optimism (Jupiter direct today); more playful curiousity (Mercury>Gemini); and a sweeter energy (Venus>Taurus). There’s more harmony (elemental ‘balance’), receptivity and confidence (Venus and Mars alignment). Yes, there’s a few possibly tricky transits here and there (eg Neptune and Saturn effects) but there’s lots of possibilities for shifts and action and ease (Grand Fire Trine). We know how to deal with the ripples along the way: stay present, trust intuition, and ride the waves. Overall, go with what moves with ease; take pause and have rest. Let your inner wisdom be your guide.


Remember the feathers of all the arrows you have cast
their beauty, softness, and lightness, sending out all your asks


Imagine them now expressed as a flower
holding the truth and wisdom of your power


Look deeply in and delve anew
seek freshly all you know is true


Find the keys that give most ease and pleasure
reveal now your most brilliant treasures


Honor all that you have done
Under the bright Moon and Sun


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light



May you feel the gentleness and strength of truth and wisdom this Moon



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