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Moon full in Gemini

03 Dec 2017, by Fiona in moon&sky

171203_COMP1-merge_x385Welcome  Moon Full (exact @0747 PST) in Gemini


discern, harmonize, transcend


Today we are bathed by the fullness of the 13th Moon of the year, the Moon of Transformation. Today’s Moon in Gemini is an intense ‘Super Moon’ (due to it’s closeness to Earth).


Aside from being the 13th Moon, this Moontime is a powerful portal, itself infused with transformational energy seeking to unify oppositions and harmonize disparate parts (4 planets in Sag). Don’t be surprised if you find yourself buzzing across polarized extremes; pushing beyond old limits; and/or sorting through various contrary bits and pieces for what is to be released, treasured or integrated. It is a time to be very discerning; and to call upon our deepest heart -truth and soul sense.


Many Spirit gateways are also open at this time (Neptune Square both Sun & Moon); messages from Source are stronger (Saturn conjunct Galactic Center); and there is a lot of the mutable energy about (7 planets in mutable signs). Together, the experience may be both exhilarating and somewhat disorienting. We are called to be flexible, move into the flow, and open to new insights.


In concert with all this transformational energy, we are urged to move within and deepen self-reflection. The past is called up again to evoke new truths, clear clutter from our minds, and find closure where needed (Mercury-R just 8 hrs before Moon full). We are gifted with increased sensitivity, harmonious energy, and much ease and grace to empower transcendence (long lasting Jupiter-Neptune trine, first of 3 activations (next ones in May & Aug).


Yes, this Moon may well be seen as rather demanding and, yes, challenging. Yes, inner conflict may be aroused (no surprise); choose to greet it with welcome and playfulness. Creative energy is hugely abundant now and provides the fuel for play in all forms. Stay positive. Focus on what can be done in the present moment, and surrender the rest in faith and trust. Staying grounded and getting rest is very important. Make time and space for pause, and pause frequently. Quiet the mind and move into the calm. Look to beauty and all that gives you joy. Align with that. Breathe that. Be filled that and the grace of All.


This Super Moon is full and intense
time to discern our deepest soul sense


Inside the hive of busy and buzzing sounds
find the beauty and sweet nectar that abounds


Focus upon the presence-full moment
Surrender to trust and faith made potent


Now make time in this transcendent space
to honor your wisdom and radiant grace


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


May grace, beauty, joy and wisdom empower transcendence
and fuel transformation this Moon




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IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art & photos by Fiona/WisdomWild unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Bees : source n/a | goddess mask: cut from jewelry found on Etsy | honeycomb overlay: cut & modified from image at TechNet, CA.

  • Cathy White Reply

    Thank you Fiona! Sounds like it might be an interesting ride.

    • Fiona Reply

      Yes, an interesting ride indeed ;)