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Moon Dark-New in Virgo + Eclipse

01 Sep 2016, by Fiona in moon&sky

160901_COMP2-merge-CROP_x385Welcome Moon Dark-New in Virgo
(exact at 0203)
& Eclipse (@0208)


Reflect, restore, empower


Change is in the air. Expect endings and beginnings, closings and openings, and lots of shiftings (New Moon + eclipses + 5 planets transitting this month) arising out of the clear and precise intentions we choose to set at this time.


We are called to connect deeply and intimately with Earth (5 planets in Earth signs, 4 in Virgo), rooting ourselves in natural rhythms and flow. Energies for restoration, purification, and powerful healing (micro & macro) are very strong at this time. The energies are amplified by the Eclipse season and will continue strong throughout the cycle.


This cycle holds supportive energies for discernment, integration, harmony and beauty. (Virgo/Pisces eclipses & Venus now in Libra as of Aug 29). It is a time for reflection and renewed devotion to all that we hold as sacred (Merc-R as of Aug 30 & conjunct Jupiter Friday + eclipses) . We are called to challenge what is out of alignment (Saturn-Neptune square, the 3rd of 3 since November) and follow our deepest wisdom, heart-truth, and ‘divine instincts’. Open to the moment and receive. Allow time for this, and for the body to realign.


Moon dark-new occurs just minutes prior to the 1st of two eclipses this month (the 2nd at Moon Full). If we count the ‘sort of eclipse’ at Moon-full on Aug 18, we are in the middle of a triple eclipse portal. So, if you wish, see this eclipse as gateway inviting new insights and shifts across dimensions. Why not? It’s kinda fun to consider, no? What do you want to ‘eclipse’ this cycle? What ‘shifts’ do you desire? What new seeds do you want to call into being? How will you feed beauty, love, peace and harmony? NOW is the time to reflect deeply, and strongly empower your intentions.


Reach into Earth deep and
draw up the sacred wisdom within hir keep


Let the elixir infuse your Being
alive, sensate, wild, refined and fluid
and open to receive integral healing


Feel into the freedom of that which is released
and hold with joy that which serves Love, Light and Peace


Choose now the seeds of your highest intentions
and feed a new reality with your heart-guided imagination.


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light

May you be nourished and strongly aligned with the richness of Earth,
and may your new seeds delight in transforming you & All





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