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Moon Dark-New in Gemini

25 May 2017, by Fiona in moon&sky

170525_COMP1-merge_x385Greetings of Moon Dark-New  (exact @1244 PDT)
in Gemini

embrace diversity
honor knowing


New Moon calls us to move within; in Gemini she also calls us to reach out. Gemini explores and embraces all forms of duality: to disintegrate and emerge; to go and to stay (a creative tension further fueled by Mars-Saturn opposition to end of month); to connect inside and out. Gemini Moon calls us into our most flexible, adaptable, stimulating and playful selves. Gemini is of the mind, gifted with language and sound, and she asks us to honor our knowing.


The goddess sign of Gemini is Bee, an ancient symbol of the sacred feminine. See this Gemini Moon time as a time to pollinate flowers, imagining the fruit that will be born, and the seeds that will be come again to ensure ongoing renewal. Fly far and wide, visit the hive, drink nectar and prepare to make the honey that feeds truth and your soul-Spirit.


There’s some emotional intensity to this day which may affect balance (Venus square Pluto; dominance of masculine -air & fire – energies) but there are also supportive energies for maintaining stability (Venus Trine Saturn on Saturday + Merc in Taurus + sun/Moon @ 4 degrees), and for enjoying beauty and fine things (Venus Opp Jupiter)


We are encouraged (aka pressured ;)) to expand our vision; embrace diversity; synthesize and integrate polarized ‘opposites’; and seek views that are most resonant with heart and soul. Follow beauty and truth, and wonder into connections and possibilities of all kinds.


Explore now all the things that live within
and all the Earth-Spirit community brings


Embrace and blend all that appears
Expand into your soul-fed sphere


In circle with each polar twin
hold space for both within your skin


Fly through rainbows far and wide
Dance with Spirit as your guide


Touch the velvet of each flower
Breathe in love and beauty’s power


Choose the seeds that you would nourish
Choose now what you will have flourish


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light


 May you drink of sweet nectar and plant radiant seeds this Moon










IMAGE NOTES. All compilations, art/photos by WisdomWild/Fiona unless otherwise noted
Main Image: Twins sculpure: cut & modified from sculpture found on Etsy | Rose from fanpop wallpaper |

  • Cathy White Reply

    Fiona ~ Lovely post and poetry!