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Love, Caring & Unity Expressed In Action

12 Feb 2014, by Fiona in reflections

Personal Reflection:140214_Olympicsx350
In-Action Expressions of Love, Caring and Unity


I’ve been wowed by so many things during  this year’s Olympics. Most especially the graciousness, the selflessness, and the unity. My take-away so far is delight at the IN-ACTION EXPRESSION of us all being in this together and acting for the greatest good of all.  For example:


  1.  The new ‘team’ figure skating competition really up-levels purpose and serving the whole
  2.  Gilmore Junio, the Canadian speed skater giving up his spot to a favored team member who fell in the trials so he could compete (and win silver);
  3. The Canadian coach Justin Wadsworth who ran on to the track to give Russian cross-country skier a replacement ski so he could continue to compete
  4. The expressions of joy, support, and happiness for other competitors on their successes (and the clear heart-held visceral response when someone slipped or was injured)
  5. Gold winners pulling the silver and bronze winners on to the gold podium with them


Wow-able-d! Love it!


And, can’t resist including this: #6  Advocating for Unity: a playful, humorous (and ‘political’) stand for Unity. Gotta grin & love it!  http://9gag.tv/v/3300


Much Love and Joy to all!
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