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LastQ Capricorn Moon

11 Apr 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

150411_comp1_x385Welcome Waning Moon Half Lit (exact 2044 pdt)


I feel all the elements in play this day:
Fire (sun in Aries),
Earth (Moon in Cap, Mars in Taurus),
Air (Venus moved into Gemini today), and
Water too since the symbol of Capricorn is the SeaGoat and Moon rules the tides.  And today sun the shone brightly through clouds moved by wind in sky and on land; and the rains have nourished and freshened Earth’s Rooted Ones bearing new flowers.


There is movement and momentum in the Earth and Sky. We are supported in expressing and manifesting what we wish to call forth out of the dark and into the light.


It is time to pause under the Moon, light and dark in equal measure. Time to hold seeming opposites together in harmony, blessing what each and together they provide.


Attend to the wholeness of balance.


As Moon wanes, it is time to gather up and complete what was begun this cycle. Draw on Earth energies to anchor what has been gained and prepare for deepening dark of the Moon.


Attend to beauty, joy and love (Venus activates this today).
Honor the harvest of what has been created and gifted this cycle.
Release what is no longer needed or necessary and be uplifted.
Weave body, mind and spirit together as you
move into stillness warmed by your Heart fire.
Restore, refuel, re-source yourself under the waning Moon and, as always,


Nurture your Nature
with Love and Light.