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LastQ waning moon

13 Jan 2015, by Fiona in moon&sky

150113_compile2-CROPx385Greetings of the Half Moon waning!


The last quarter Moon (exact @ 0146 pst) was in Libra. As I write (1544 pst) the Moon moves into Scorpio.


Reflect for a moment. This whole Capricorn cycle, together with strong energies of Aquarius, has been about initiating, and about insight, inspiration and transformation. It is a time of imagining and visioning.


Now, as the last quarter Moon appears, it is time to gather up what was begun with the Capricorn new Moon three weeks ago. For me these weeks have been a very creative time and, like a child called in from play at the end of the day, I want to keep playing. I am having fun and I want to continue. I feel resistance inside and out and I’d rather I didn’t. Does this echoe at all for you?


Something wants to move; something else resists. This is the tension of a quarter Moon. This phase is also connected to the 1stQ Moon in Capricorn in October so whatever was prevalent then may resurface. Add to this the recent shift from Libra to Scorpio Moon , and things can feel a bit wobbly at this time.


Remember the wisdom of the Cancer Full Moon. Take a slow breath and draw in nurturing energy and self care. Recognize the wisdom of wrapping a warm cloak around oneself as the dark draws near. Like the Earth blanket of trees that provides air and  cleanses the water by re-cycling, it is time to move with the turnings.


The half lit Moon calls us to attend to balance At exact, she was in Libra further emphasizing the call to balance and supporting our resonant response. (Some today  musings on balance can be found in reflections)


Now the waning Moon moves into the deeper dark and into Scorpio. Scorpio Moon supports our journey into the dark and makes the potential that lies in the dark more attractive.


It is time to gather up what was begun in this cycle. Time to begin to release and empty in preparation for the new Moon. Time to wrap oneself up in the cloak of feminine wisdom and begin the journey deep within, deep into the sacred heart center of you.


This is the shifting called for this turn of the Moon.


As you move into the deep dark, imagine preparing your ‘field’ to welcome the sparkles and whispers that and Aquarius Moon dark will bring. Live in the  Truth of you there.
Nurture your Nature
with Love & Light